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Private Fees

Some travel vaccination fees are free of charge under the NHS. Some are not and are charged privately. Please see our current private fees

Fees may change without notice. If in doubt please check at our reception desk.

Why do doctors charge fees?

Fees for Benefits Certification

Please note GPs, as certifying medical practitioners, have a statutory obligation to provide statements of incapacity to patients on their list and certain information to an officer of the DWP or a healthcare professional working for the Health
Assessment Advisory Service on behalf of DWP when requested.

However, under their NHS contract there is no requirement for GPs to provide reports or offer an opinion on incapacity for work to anyone else.

Patients should contact Jobcentre Plus or the Appeals Service, where appropriate, if they think that further medical
evidence is necessary to support their claim or appeal.

If DWP or the Tribunal Service request further evidence from a GP in relation to an appeal, they will be responsible for paying any fee to the doctor providing the report.

Appeals and patients who need additional information NHS GPs are under no obligation to provide reports, letters of support or offer an opinion for benefit claims direct to patients or anyone else, and a patient will be informed of the cost if a GP does agree to provide this information. This includes the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Tribunal Service.