GP Update

Dr Clare Judd (nee Davies) will be on maternity leave from Monday 24th May 2021, Dr Arti Goel will be covering Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday mornings. She has a particular interest in Ophthalmology (eye issues).

Dr Jane Hone joined Langley Medical  Practice in February 2021 and is available on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday all day and Friday mornings. She has a special interest in paediatrics, women's health and mental health.

First Contact Physio

Sam Bhide is an advanced clinical physiotherapist. She is available on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings. A First Contact Physiotherapist assess, diagnose and manage musculoskeletal problems. If you have joint or muscular pain i.e. strains, sprains, muscle or joint pains or stiffness you can make an appointment with Sam, she is best placed to assess this instead of booking in with a GP. Sam can refer for physio treatment, provide exercises, refer for x-ray or onward referral to an orthopaedic specialist as appropriate. You can self refer to see her by speaking to our reception team. NHS colleagues in Somerset have put together this useful video to explain the role of a First Contact Physio: What is a First Contact 


Dr Sarah Benney

After 29 years, Dr Benney our senior partner, retired from Langley Medical Practice in August 2020. 


Shingles vaccination eligibility

  • patients aged 70 -79 years are now eligible for a Shingles vaccine from 1st April 2021, patients can ask us to book in for an appointment. 


Patient Online and Text Messages

Please register on the online system Patient Access.  All patients will receive an SMS text message when an appointment is pre-booked at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

We have a SMS text system which allows patients to cancel their appointment by text providing they use the mobile number indicated in the reminder text. If you wish to cancel please do so as soon as you receive the text to ensure we receive the text in time for the appointment to be cancelled.

Please note  online appointments are currently telephone triage GP appointments only in light of Covid-19 to protect Patients and Staff from the risk of an infected patient visiting the practice. All other services online are available.



In addition there is an online service where you can access advice and appointments on line by using a symptom checker to help identify the problem. The outcome will direct you to either make an appointment with your GP,  seek emergency care, nurse or self-care.  See our appointments online page for the link to use the DoctorLink service.


Meningitis vaccination (adolescents & young adults)

Recommendations have been produced regarding the highly aggressive strain of meningococcal disease group W. A vaccination programme has commenced for 14-16 year olds at school, however if this has been missed vaccinations can be given at the practice up to the age of 24. First time university students are also advised to have the vaccination before their 25th birthday. For more information see this NHS Meningitis page. Appointments for vaccination should be made with the nurse.


Measles cases in London

Public Health England issued a letter to parents advising two doses of MMR should be given at their GP practice with the second dose given one month after the first dose. Under medical guidelines we would like to confirm there is a 3 month gap between the first and second dose for babies under 18 months, and would only be given with a one month gap if clinically indicated e.g. an outbreak at a siblings school.

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