GP update

We have 3 Partners and 2 salaried GPs at Langley Medical Practice.  Our two salaried GPs are currently both on maternity leave and we have a team of 3 long-term locum GPs covering their patients.

Unfortunately, in addition, one of our partners is currently on long-term sick leave. However; we have additional support and these appointments have been covered by locum GPs as much as possible.  

We are pleased to announce Dr Chetan Shori (male GP) will be joining Langley Medical Practice from Monday 9th September 2019 to cover 4 days a week.

Flu Clinics 2019

We are holding separate flu clinics this year due to an distribution issue with flu vaccines for our patients at risk between the ages of 18-64 years old. The World Health Organization (WHO) took a decision to delay the selection of the A/H3N2 strain notification by one month. This has had an effect on the manufacturing timelines of the vaccine and will impact the vaccine delivery dates to all GP practices.

In addition, the nasal flu deliveries for children aged 2 & 3 and children at risk under 18 are delayed as the schools are being prioritised first, we will not expect a delivery until late October.

Saturday 5th October - 8am to 11am - Adults 65 and over >only. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED.

We will have a limited number of 18-64 years flu vaccines available mid to late October and the final delivery in November.

Are you 18-64 years old and fall in to any of the following categories?

  • Carers
  • * All patients  under the age of 65 in an ‘at risk group’ – pregnant women, patients with chronic respiratory, heart, kidney, liver and neurological diseases, diabetics and those with low immunity eg those on certain medications or cancer treatments.

Saturday 2nd November - 8am-10.30am - children aged 2 and 3, children who fall in to the at risk categories in the list above not offered through school and adults at risk between the ages of 18-64 in the above catergories.

Shingles vaccination eligibility

  • patients aged 70 years (turning 70 on or after 2nd September 2017)
  • patients aged 78 years, on or after their 78th birthday
  • •patients who were eligible for immunisation in the previous programme years but have not yet been vaccinated against shingles. These are: anyone in their 70s born on or after 2/9/1942
  • 79 year olds (until their 80th birthday).

Patient Online and Text Messages

Please register on the new online system Patient Access.  As part of this upgrade, all patients will receive an SMS text message when an appointment is pre-booked at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

We have a SMS text system which allows patients to cancel their appointment by text providing they use the mobile number indicated in the reminder text. If you wish to cancel please do so as soon as you receive the text to ensure we receive the text in time for the appointment to be cancelled.


Meningitis B vaccine update

Babies born on or after 1st July 2015 are eligible for a Meningitis B vaccine at 2 months, 4 months and 12 months. There is also a catch up for babies born between 1st May and 30th June 2015 eligible for the vaccine.

Children who were born before 1st May 2015 are not eligible to be vaccinated under the NHS, but have the option to pay for this vaccine in a private practice. Unfortunately due to high demand we have been informed there is currently a shortage of the vaccine in private supply for new patients.


Meningitis vaccination (adolescents & young adults)

Recommendations have been produced regarding the highly aggressive strain of meningococcal disease group W. A vaccination programme has commenced for 14-16 year olds at school, however if this has been missed vaccinations can be given at the practice up to the age of 24. First time university students between the ages of 19 on 31st August 2018 up to 24 years on 31 March 2019 are advised to be vaccinated. For more information click here. Appointments for vaccination should be made with the nurse.


Measles cases in London

Public Health England have issued a letter to parents advising two doses of MMR should be given at their GP practice with the second dose given one month after the first dose. Under medical guidelines we would like to confirm there is a 3 month gap between the first and second dose for babies under 18 months, and would only be given with a one month gap if clinically indicated e.g. an outbreak at a siblings school.


Macmillan Social Prescribing - what is it?

A 2 year pilot had commenced at Surbiton Health Centre. Available for patients with cancer and their carers. Please see the attached article for more information New Macmillan Social Prescribing Cancer Support Service for Langley patients  Patients can self-refer as well as via your GP.


Nurse appointments

Early appointments are available from 7.30am on Mondays and Wednesdays and after school appointments on Tuesday and Thursdays with Nurse Kathryn Parkin.



Please note we no longer offer a GP service on Saturday mornings. However; the Primary Care Extended Access Service is available at weekends - see Out of Hours section for more information. 


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