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February 2023

We are moving to a new appointment and admin request service late February at Langley Medical Practice, using an online form. See our patient information letter for more information 


January 2023

Langley Medical Practice patient newsletter - Winter 22/23


January 2022

The Primary Eyecare service provides NHS funded eye care services. The service includes Urgent Eye Care, Minor Eye Conditions, Learning Disability Eye Tests for adults and children, and Pre and Post Cataract Surgery Service.

Primary Eye Care Urgent Triage Service


September 2021

Older Person Activities - Better Bones October / November 2021


August 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Hone who has just completed a diploma in the history of medicine with the Worshipful School of Apothecaries. She also won the Maccabaean Prize, awarded  annually for the best dissertation submitted for the diploma.

Type 1 National Data Opt-Out

NHS Digital has issued a Data Provision Notice for Planning and Research. This means we are required to share your information with them unless you tell us not to. To opt out complete the attached form Type 1 National Data Opt-out of Research and Planning  

Microsuction at Langley Medical Practice

We introduced a private microsuction ear wax removal service on Monday afternoons to the practice. You can book via our medical reception team or you can book online via Ceda Healthcare's microsuction booking service at Langley Medical Practice. The process is considered much gentler than traditional ear syringing and the preferred process for ear wax removal.


Connected Kingston

A website dedicated to helping people find activities, join clubs, and navigate local services in Kingston upon Thames.

Starting or returning to work: The information on this page is for anyone looking for work, anxious about going back to work, or wanting to develop new skills Workplace advice

Worried about money: The information on this page is for people who are worried about money, their housing situation or other financial pressures. Worried about money

New to benefits: The information on this page is for people who need help understanding and/or applying for benefits.New to benefits 


Sexual Health Update for Kingston - July 2020

Some key service clinics such as Your Healthcare contraceptive and sexual health/ KU19 have changed since COVID-19, as well as limiting walk-in options.  Please check the poster and leaflet below for details.

Sexual Health Services in Kingston

Sexual Health Services in Kingston Leaflet

Carers Week 8th-14th June 2020

The stress on Carers during COVID-19 has been great and could, sadly, affect their own mental well-being.

Many Carers struggle in silence so, during this Carers Week, Kingston Mental Health Carers Forum want to reach out to the 'hidden' Carers/Families/Friends whom they don't yet support.

They are a small local registered charity, which offers advice, support and training to those who care for someone with a Mental Health problem, as well as campaigning on their behalf, a role recognised by the CCG, MH Trusts and RBK. For this latter purpose, they have representatives on various boards in Kingston and across SW London. Information Kingston Mental Health Carers Forum Leaflet


Minor Eye Conditions service (Feb/March 2020)

For an initial period of 6 February 2020 until 31 March 2020, patients registered at Kingston GP practices can self-refer for an NHS appointment with a local optometrist for minor eye conditions. 

The three participating opticians in this service are:

Horrocks & Boyd, 39 Fife Road, Kingston, KT1 1SF, telephone 020 8546248
Specsavers Opticians, 56-58 Clarence Street, Kingston, KT1 1NP, telephone 020 89746677
Specsavers Opticians, 72 High Street, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4ET, telephone 020 83367620

The minor eye conditions that can be seen under the service include:

  • Red eye or eyelids
  • Dry eye, or gritty and uncomfortable eyes
  • Irritation and inflammation of the eye
  • Significant recent sticky discharge from the eye or watery eye
  • Recently occurring flashes or floaters
  • In-growing eyelashes
  • Recent and sudden loss of vision
  • Foreign body in the eye

To access appointments, patients should directly call one of the above opticians. 


November 2019

Holistic Back Pain Presentation for patients of Langley Medical Practice by invitation on Thursday 28th November at 6.45pm.

December 2018

Insomnia presentation (PowerPoint) and workshop for patients of Langley Medical Practice on Monday 3rd December at 6.30pm.  

November 2018

Treating minor health conditions is changing to Self-Care at your local pharmacy and no longer available on prescription. See this patient leaflet regarding conditions treated with over the counter medicines.  The Self-Care Forum also has some very useful information.

June 2018

New NHS Hearing Aid User Drop-in Clinic
First Monday of the month (except bank holidays) 2-3pm on the first floor at Surbiton Health Centre.  See the Surgery Newsletter for more information.


February 2018

Audiometry testing
We are introducing in-house testing with our practice nurses, this will be available on a referral basis by our GPs for a 20 minute hearing test with the nurse team.


January 2018

Taking a look back at Suzanne Poole, Practice Manager

Our patient participation group (PPG) was in full swing throughout 2017 and provided fantastic support to the practice. A focus group helped redesign our patient leaflet, offered administration assistance on flu day, attended various community seminars around the borough, and provided general feedback to assist with the patient experience at Langley Medical Practice.

Our PPG outgoing Chairman, David Nicol completed his term in May 2017, please see the Surgery Newsletter (Word document) to find out more about our PPG.

The practice organised two educational sessions at Surbiton Health Centre specifically for our patients. The topic ideas were generated by the PPG. One of our PPG members attended both educational events and Derek has summarised his experiences below.....

APRIL 2017: The managing "Stress and Worry" presentation was well attended and Claire the therapist gave a very good presentation of recognising the symptoms, emotions and behaviour patterns associated with people who are feeling stressed. An introduction to "Cognitive Behaviour Therapy"(CBT) was explored together with controlled breathing and distraction techniques. A practical demonstratiom of Mindfulness meditation was experienced. This presentation was a very good source of information for referal to the treatment options available in the Kingston area.

JUNE 2017: The "Could you Feel Fitter" event focussed on the benefits of regular exercise to our general wellbeing, weight control and increasing activity levels. Physical activity can also help with our psychological wellbeing with the release of endorphins to the brain. Several of the attendees mentioned that they were restricted in the amount of movement they could manage. The tutor then led a chairbound exercise demonstration which I found quite physicaly demanding, I still use some of the activities daily. This event also made a good introduction to activities in the borough. 

One of the community courses available was also attended by Derek. I attended the "Action for Happiness" course, I started this as a total sceptic but it had a really positive effect on me and resulted in me totally re-evaluating my current situation and approach to life. I still attend regular refresher evenings, and group discussions. We can all learn so much from each other about coping strategies. On completion of the course the tutors asked for feedback and I am copying my assessment to you.

Finally, we are always happy to hear from any patients who may wish to join our PPG. We are currently creating a virtual PPG too so this may be of interest if you can spare the time to be involved online/by email but may not have the time to attend the practice for a meeting quarterly. Please let reception know if you have any interest to find out more. Thank you....


February 2017

Surbiton Health Centre has introduced The Primary Care Access Service 6.30-8pm Monday to Friday and 8-8pm Saturdays and Sundays. The GP will be able to see and treat urgent minor illnesses and injuries that would normally be seen at a GP practice. This includes:

  • (a) Minor illness such as headaches, dizziness, high temperatures and severe ‘flu-like’ symptoms, and hay fever
  • (b) Minor cuts, bruises, burns and scalds
  • (c) Strains and sprains
  • (d) Minor infections including ear, nose and throat
  • (e) Abdominal pain
  • (f) Dermatology and skin complaints
  • (g) Urgent prescription medicines

What the service excludes (summary):

  • (a) Conditions that warrant immediate direction to A&E such as chest pain and severe shortness of breath
  • (b) Tetanus injections
  • (c) Any pregnancy related issue
  • (d) Exacerbations of long term conditions
  • (e) Dental emergencies
  • (f) Mental health emergencies
  • (g) Follow up appointments

Telephone number: 020 3841 9942 (Appointments in between 6.30-8pm Monday to Friday are prebookable only. 


December 2016

Langley Medical Practice has recently invested in new equipment and a new service.

We now have equipment for testing patients that integrates directly in to our clinical system. This saves time and uses the best technology available to us to provide a safe and advanced method of testing for our COPD patients.

Resting ECG
This new machine provides the most up to date and accurate ECG analysis and a high quality report is recorded in patient notes.

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring
We can now offer our patients an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) machine to take home to monitor their blood pressure. Our doctors will refer you to one of our nurse team to set up. Once a patient returns the machine, the results are downloaded directly in to the patient notes providing high quality blood pressure results. A follow up appointment is then arranged with a doctor to discuss the results.